Crowdfunding Disclaimer

As a Contributor to Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC’s Crowdfunding campaign, you acknowledge that the following rules and Terms apply (in addition to all other Terms, including Additional Policies).

  1. Voluntary Contributions. All Contributions are made voluntarily and at the sole discretion and risk of the Contributor.

  2. Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC Does Not Guarantee that Campaigns Will Succeed or that Perks Will Be Delivered or Deemed Satisfactory. By contributing to a Campaign, Contributors are supporting an idea, project, or cause they care about and want to help make happen. Like anyone getting in on an early-stage project, Contributors accept the risk that the Campaign may experience changes, delays, and unforeseen challenges, or that a Campaign, and its Perks, might not come to fruition. Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC does not guarantee or represent that Contributions will be used as promised, that Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC will deliver Perks, or that the Campaign will achieve its goals. Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC also does not endorse, guarantee, make representations, or provide warranties regarding the quality, safety, morality or legality of any Campaign, Perk or Contribution, or the truth or accuracy of campaign posted on the Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC’s websites. The date to deliver a Perk is an estimate by Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC, and there is no guarantee that Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC will fulfill and deliver the Perk by that date.

  3. Limited Refunds. Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC does not offer refunds for crowdfunding campaigns 5 business days after the the contributor’s donation. Where refunds are not available under the Refund Policy, a Contributor may contact the Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC directly to request a refund. Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC has no obligation to issue a Refund.

  4. Credit Card Charges. When you Contribute to a Campaign, your card will be charged the amount of the Contribution after you confirm and submit your payment information.

  5. Communications Between Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC and Contributors. Once you have made a Contribution to a Campaign, Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC may need to contact you to obtain additional information such as shipping address, specific preferences for a Perk (for example, color or size of a t-shirt), or may ask for feedback on the Campaign or the Perk. In some instances, to receive the Perk, you may need to provide requested information within a specific time frame to receive the Perk. Not doing so may result in your forfeiting the Perk. Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC will not ask for information that is not required to fulfill a Perk, including personal information such as Social Security numbers or credit card/banking information.

  6. Taxes are your responsibility. Contributors bear the sole responsibility for determining how to treat their Contributions and receipt of any Perks for tax purposes. Gabe Eltaeb Illustration LLC does not offer any advice or take any responsibility for how Contributors treat their Contributions or for any financial consequences arising out of such treatment.